CSR Activities

MMCL's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives are carried through Lokmangal Pratishthan (a public charitable trust). The CSR programs are targeted at reaching out engines of growth to the local villages on the fringes of our mines.

Lokmangal has been instrumental in organizing book donations to local schools as well as helping in tap water connections and building small, rural ladder-bridges over the village brooks. During the last 40-45 years, MMCL has facilitated road leveling, small road connections, and advancing loans to labor and workers for bicycles and two wheelers for easier commutes to and from their remote villages.

MMCL is widely credited with transforming two locales – Phondaghat in District Sindhudurg and Sakoli – Lakhandoor in District Bhandara. Apart from bringing electricity to these most backward parts of Maharashtra and then Madhya Pradesh, MMCL as a part of its mining and beneficiation projects in the early 1980s contributed immensely to the villages’ economy through its industrial activities. Our efforts helped reduce indebtedness of a number of families in Vidarbha's Bhandara area, that too without taking any collateral or acquiring their lands as security.

Lokmangal also provides basic computer training and employment opportunities as data entry operators through its two activities, Lokmangal Academy and 21st Century Library Centre.

Recently, we donated a water purification system to the Kasarde and Tarale Public Health Clinic. And many innovative programs are underway to positively impact the lives of people in our CSR constituencies.