Frequently Asked Questions

Maharashtra Minerals Corporation Ltd. (MMCL) is incorporated as Joint Sector Corporation in the year 1961; is having Silica Sand Leases in Sindhudurga District; since 1970. MMCL is the first company to have Beneficiation Plant for Washing and Grading of silica sand at Phondaghat which was promoted, assisted and put up with the active cooperation of then Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India (ICICI); now known as ICICI Bank.

Informed customers, like you, frequently ask intelligent questions about any mining company, to ensure the steady and reliable supply of desired quality and quantity. We are trying to enumerate a few which you should ask to any of your mineral supplier.

1. From where are you getting the supply of the mineral?

There can be two types of suppliers for the supply of minerals.

a) Lease Holder
b) Traders.

If your supplier is a lease holder then he should have a mining lease. Being a lease holder, your supplier must have valid LEASE granted by the government; and he must have Lease document in his possession. In case of valid lease document, lease holder can supply the material in the market.If your supplier claims to be a trader then he must have trading license granted by the government and must disclose the name of the place of lease from where he will get that material. It is important that you should know from which mine he will purchase. There are instances where the supplier gets the mineral from places were mining could be illegal. You must therefore get above mentioned information about the lease, even if you are getting the material from any trader.

For example - Maharashtra Minerals Corporation Limited (MMCL) is a lease holder and has got 5 leases of Silica Sand in Sindhudurga District (measuring total more than 400 Hectors). Presently the company is working extensively in Kasarde, well famous for Glass and Foundry grade Silica Sand. The Lease of Kasarde is of 36 Hectors and valid upto 2024, having totalproven deposits (by Asahi Glass, Japan) in excess of 30 million tonnes. Other leases deposits will exceed about another 100 Million tonnes.

2. Is extraction of the mineral is done as per approved mining plan?

Mining is required to be done as per the Mining Plan approved by either Indian Bureau of Mines (IBM) or Dy. Director Geology and Mining (DDGM)

For example - MMCL has APPROVED MINING PLAN and Mechanized Mining Scheme by the Dy. Director of Geology and Mining, Kolhapur, Govt. of Maharashtra, who is authorized to do so, upto 2014, for 2.00 lakh tones per annum. MMCL has submitted an application for increase it up to 5.00 lakh tonnes per annum from 2014 to 2019 scheme.

3. Does the lease holder posses valid permission from Pollution Control Board?

All mining companies require CONSENT TO OPERATE from Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB).

For example - MMCL has got CONSENT TO OPERATE from MPCB till 2016 for more than 2.00 lakhs tones per annum and the increase being sought up to 5.00 lakhs tonnes per annum after 2016; for which an application is under active consideration.

4. Does the lease holder have permission to operate heavy machines in the mines?

For Mechanical mining purpose every mining company requires PERMISSION TO USE HEAVY MACHINERY. This permission is granted in writing with certain conditions, such as appointment of Mines Manager etc.Please note, for sufficient supply of mineral; certain scale of production is required and this could be achieved only with mechanized mining; if supplier claims that he is doing manual mining; he will not be able to supply you requisite quantity. Many mines do not operate in Monsoon so in limited period they have to dewater the pit and produce the mineral.

For example - MMCL has got the permission from Director of Mines Safety(DMS), to use the Heavy Earth Moving Machinery (HEMM) with no restrictions on number of Machines or types of Machines.

5. Does the lease bolder have blasting permission?

As minerals are to be excavated from the earth, sometimes as per the Geology of the leased land, BLASTING is required for which the permission is essential.

For example - MMCL has got permission to carry out blasting necessary for this purpose.

6. Does Lease holder has appointed Mines Manager, and who is he?

A.MANDATORY TECHNICAL PERSONNEL - It is mandatory to appoint various technical persons for every mechanized mine according to Mines Act 1957 and Indian Bureau of Mines (IBM). These positions include Mines Manager, Foremen and Mates as well as Sr. Geologist, Surveyor and Mech. Engineer especially for mechanized mining. Out of which mines cannot be operated without Mines Manager even for a day.

For example - MMCL has got the technical team comprised of all these positions duly registered with IBM and Directorate of Mines Safety (DMS). At present the team is working under our Mines Manager, Mr. Sunil Kumar Mishra.

B.OPERATIONAL SUPPORT STAFF: Apart from technical staff, various position of support staff required to be maintained for a mining company. That includes- Supervisors, Jr. Geologist, Chemist, Operation Co- coordinator, Accountant.

For example - MMCL has recruited all the above personnel for smooth operations.

7. How to calculate the quantity of excavated mineral?

WEIGHT BRIDGE is a mandatory requirement specified by the Director of Geology and Mining (DGM) and District Mining Officer (DMO). Weight Bridge is required at every mine to record the mineral production.Accordingly MMCL has established Weigh Bridge at Mines.

8. Does mineral required any process to be performed before going in the market?

Minerals are available in various grads and required to undergo the process of beneficiation for the improvement of the same. The process is performed in BENEFICIATION PLANT.

For example - MMCL has arrangement of Washing and Grading of Silica Sand, for 300 tonnes per day. Plant design and constructed by reputed company Dorr - Oliver.

9. Can you reach the Mines Manager when there are problems with the mineral     supply? And will you get your query answered?

Most of the times mines are located in remote regions of the state and mining \ company office is situated in or near the city. But at the same time for smooth working,
COMMUNICATION at both offices is the key.

For example - MMCL has most modem communication system between its operation in Sindhudurg and Mumbai and having highly qualified and experienced Managementg staff at Head Office and site office.

10. What is the core requirement for mining?

Mining is highly regulated business and government controls it with submission of various mandatory reporting. Mining requires SUPPORT FROM THE GOVERNMENT

For example - MMCL is receiving active co-operation from Govt. of Maharashtra for all these years and promised to be continued.

11. How to deal with local issues regarding mining?

Mining company requires to deal with local issues especially in Kokan. As MMCL is active in COMMUNITY SOCIAL SERVICE it has kept excellent relations with the villagers for last 40 years. As Maharashtra Minerals Corporation Limited company is founded by freedom fighter, Mr. G.B. alies Bhausaheb Newalkar, it maintains the highest standards of integrity. All its transactions are transparent. Company does not believe in transactions which are not above ethical, and it always believes in sustainable development.